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Note: If you are not yet a member of, Signup for a free account now. is a link locker & link shortener. In reality, 99.9% of people don’t just use it to shorten links though. The real benefit of using the site/service is to earn money by locking links/urls.
You have probably seen websites around the internet that request that you fill out a particular survey before you are shown the actual content. This is what does for you. You simply create a free account with the service. Then you just type in the URL that you would like
to lock, and you are provided with a shortened URL (i.e.
Every time someone is directed to this URL they are asked to choose from a list of surveys to complete, in order to see the content of your web page, download a file, etc (whatever your locked URL is). Once they complete the very quick survey, you will receive money in your account (anywhere from $0.20 to $7.00 per survey). I must say that I have yet to see any $7.00 surveys but have seen some for over $1.50 per person that filled it out. Payments take less than 7 days to process and deposit in your PayPal or other ecurrency account. Pretty
simple, huh?
I have used some techniques to find examples of sites that have used to generate a profit. These methods are being used by many individuals, including me, that are making over $5,000/month using B e e 4 . b i z . With that said, I do know of others that are generating a lot
more than this. I only spend about 20 minutes or so a day working with, so the potential to make a lot more is there.

Wouldn’t you love to have cashout requests like these? :)
First, I must start by telling you that you must be able to generate interest from the public, or create good content in order to really make a lot of money using this service. In this document, I will first provide many different ways to utilize to make the most money. Then I will
provide even more methods, with real life examples, to help you understand all the options you have.

Keep in mind that there are so many other ways to generate money using, than the ones I have gone over below. Any links that you feel people would be willing to spend a little time to fill out a survey for, are worth a shot using a locked B e e 4 . b i z l i n k . To get
started, here are some very successful methods (I will start with the more well known methods,
and work my way up to the more unique and profitable ones):
1) The Fre e mium Model – Are you a writer of an ebook, or creator of other valuable digital content? Have you tried selling this content with results you weren’t too fond of? Here is a solution. Make it FREE, and earn even more than you would if you had charged for it. By
making it free and locking it with a URL, you make your potential downloaders fill out a brief survey before they can download the free content. Each time they fill out the survey, you will earn money. has several large content creators using their service in place
of traditional pay-for-product offerings.
2) The Yahoo Answers Method – This is one of the simplest and easiest of methods to utilize, and better yet it can also be one of the highest paying ones. Here are the steps in order to monetize this method using

Go to, click “advanced search”, then type in ‘where to download’ in the ‘keywords section’. Click on the ‘question status’ and change to ‘open questions’. There will be 100s or even 1000s of results. All you have to do is click on one of the results. Let’s say for example, the result says “’where can I download The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for free”. You then go to Google and search ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo free download’. You will get a bunch of results. Find a good download link for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie, and then copy the URL link of the download. After this, go to, login, and click “add link”. Then click download and it will lock your link with your own unique URL. After doing this, and retreiving your locked URL, post that locked link on Yahoo answers: Note that Yahoo Answers does not allow URLs, so you must remove the ‘http://’ and put brackets around the ‘ . ‘ for example like this ( bee4(.)biz/v/bKVHw ). Make sure you also let the readers know, ‘You may be required to complete a survey to unlock the download’. You can just keep repeating this process for each answer (takes only a few minutes for each answer), and you can use this same method for millions of other things, such as games, passwords, mp3s, ebooks, etc. You can also use Yahoo Answers to target a specific niche. For example, “Dogs”. You can search Yahoo Answers for “Dogs”, and then subscribe to the RSS feed. This way you will be notified whenever someone asks a question about “Dogs”. As soon as you see that question pop up, you will be able to be the first one to answer it. Now, when you answer, you could provide a resource, such as an ebook about dogs, or simply do the research yourself, and use (see resources at bottom of this book for more info), and post your own details that answer the question there. Then lock you url using and provide that as a source for your answer or even the answer itself. You will be surprised how many of these people visit your locked URL and take the brief survey. Not only will the poster of the question be interested, but others that were wondering the same thing will as well. Note: You may also need to make multiple Yahoo accounts since you can only answer 20 questions a day. The more locked link answers you do,the more likely your account will get suspended from Yahoo answers, do don’t use an account that is important to you.

3) The YouTube Split Video Strategy – Create Youtube videos, and then only publish part of the video publicly. Make the second part of the video “unlisted” and then lock it using a B e e 4 . b i z u r l . In the description of part 1 of the video, provide a link to “Part 2”. That link will be a locked URL. Each time someone wants to watch “Part 2” of your video, they would have to fill out a survey, thus earning you money.

4) The YouTube Hacks/Cracks/Trainer Method – Make a brief youtube video explaining that you have found a hack for something, or have a way to do something. Then say, “Click” The link below in the description of this video to download the Hack, Crack, Video, or whatever else
it is you are offering. Then lock the download with a URL, and post it int he description as well. Each time someone wishes to download the content, they will have to take a brief survey, in which you will earn money for. You may or may not want to forewarn users that they
will need to take a brief survey. (See more awesome Youtube examples in the pages to follow) 5) The Talent Method – This method is used by those who have a talent. This will include book authors, musicians, singers, etc. Most of these people, if they aren’t already famous, like to just
get their name out there. Many of these individuals give away their content for free. Why not make a little extra money while doing it? Some of these talented people are now using to give there content away for fee, all-the-while making some money at the same time.

6) The Awesome Find Method – This is an easy method to use. You simply find files that have been uploaded to other websites such as filestube, hotfile, etc, or upload content yourself. For example, you may find a movie that has been uploaded somewhere, or an awesome ebook.
You simply lock the download URL using a link locker URL, and advertise it anywhere you want, including on forums, a website, your blog, other blogs, facebook, twitter etc. Each time someone wants to download that file, they will be asked to complete a survey
first. Each time they do, you will earn money.
7) Twitter Topic Method – This is a great method if you want to take the time. It requires that you use a twitter account to follow people that are currently following someone else. For example, you can follow people that are following the official “Iron Man 2” Twitter page. A good
percentage of these people will then follow you back. Once you have built up a decent amount of followers on this account, you can then begin making money. Look for things related to “Iron Man 2”. For example, “Free Iron Man 2 Movie Download”, or “Free Iron Man 2 T-Shirt”. Then
lock the URL to this offer using, and post it on your wall. Since you will have a bunch of “Iron Man 2” fans following you, you should get a great response, simply by making a tweet such as, “Free Iron Man 2 T-Shirt – Just Answer a short survey and it’s yours!!”. You can use
this method on virtually anything.

8) Facebook Fanpage Method – As you know, there are literally millions of Facebook Fanpages, some of which have over 1 million followers each. You can definitely use this to your advantage. Simply find a download/product/resource that you want to lock using
Lock it and then find a related fan page. For example. If you have found a website that give away free Justin Bieber Sun Glasses, lock that link using and then search Facebook for “Justin Bieber”. You will find multiple page with many followers. Just visit some of those
pages and post something like, “I found a cool website that is giving away free Justin Bieber sunglasses. All you have to do is answer a brief survey… check it out at (your locked link)”. This can be done with virtually anything, including free movie downloads,
game downloads, ebooks, or just cool websites. Most Facebook pages allow you to post directly to a wall as well as comment under the page’s wall posts. Commenting under the page’s wall posts that already have a lot of comments and likes will be the most beneficial.
- Facebook Games – Some Facebook games allow you to type while playing them. This can be beneficial if you have a locked link related to the game. For example you may be playing a game of Minecraft, and you could offer a free Minecraft game add-on via a locked URL.

9) Forum Posting Method – There are many forums out there that are online to provide information on things such as:
- Where to download free movies
- Where to stream live sporting events
- Where to get free stuff
- Where to get coupon codes
You can use this to your advantage. Next time instead of simply posting a URL to a resource such as a free movie download, a coupon, a breaking news story, etc on forums, use a locked link in its place. Simply lock the URL using and post that on the forum. You will earn money for every person that takes the brief survey to unlock it.

- Live Streaming Events – There are many forums where you could post links to locked Live Streaming events. All you have to do is find a relevant folder, lock your live streaming URL using and then post the link with a brief description (If you prefer black-hat methods, you could even lock a link to something other than the live streaming event, as your readers will not know that it is bogus until it is unlocked). For example. If you have found a live streaming NBA Playoff game, you should look for forums with folders discussing the NBA or Basketball. There is one Forum that you can pretty much post any live streaming event at, and that is I know for a fact that there are people posting links to live streaming events such as sporting events, press conferences, and even (non-live) TV shows. Morespecifically the URL to the folder where you can pretty much freely post these links is: However, if you browse around the
forum, you will find that people make these posts just about anywhere. Some of them have as many as 2,000 views. Imagine how much money you would make with if only ½ of those people took the survey! Some of these posters don’t even post real links, they just lock
something else and claim that it is a live streaming event. Browse around the forum. Most of the top earners surely use this site and other forums to make a living using the service.

10) Partial Upload Method – This works great for ebooks, and some videos. The strategy is that you take an ebook (novel, instructional book, “how to” book, etc) take out the majority of the content, while leaving only a little bit (i.e. the first chapter). Then at the end of it, you put a link
to your locked URL which will allow the reader/viewer to download the entire version.

There are many sites which allow for free uploads of PDF files. (,,,,,,, search-pdfbooks. com). If you are doing a review, Youtube is the best place to upload but there are also other free video sites. This can also be done with MP3s, and just about any content you can imagine. Need to edit a PDF? There are a lot of ways to do this, just search google for “Free PDF Editor”. One that I have used in the past is: 3000-6675_4-10295757 .html Need to find a good novel to do this with? Check out or the Barnes and Nobel’s website (h t t p : / / b n . c o m ) They list the hottest books. There are plenty of websites that offer free book downloads (note: this would be a blackhat method).

11) Social Networking ‘Attractive Female’ Method – Create a profile on Facebook, Orkut or Google Plus using photos of a very attractive female. Request male and female friends from the UK, UK and Canada (especially single males). After you have a good number of friends on your fake profile, you will have these members’ attention. Make posts such as, “Click here to see my sexy photos”, “Click here if you would like to date me”, “Vote for me as the sexiest female!”, “Wanna see my nude pics?”, etc. All of these links should be locked by You can even say in your posts, something along the lines of, “Are you single? Would you date me? Check out my sexy photos. After taking this brief survey!” Then provide your locked URL. You will be surprised how many men take the bait. 12) The Adult Photo Post Method – As you know, the adult industry is flourishing on the internet. It always has been, and always will be. There are literally millions of people surfing the internet for adult photos and videos at any given time. This is where you can really take advantage. There are plenty of websites online such as, http:/ / and that you can browse around and find videos, movies, pictures, animated GIFs, and free porn site passwords. You can then search google for other adult forums (Search for “Adult forum”, “Porn forum”, etc). Visit these sites, register for an account, and then take the videos, pictures, and passwords you have received from other sites
and lock them using a URL. If you have links to download a video, simply lock that link with If you have text (passwords), you have several options. You could create a simple webpage or blog and put the text there, or use services like
. Pastebin allows you to type in (or paste) text, then click on submit. You will get a unique URL. Then take that url and lock it using and spread it around on other sites. This is a method that never gets old, and can always make you a ton of money.

Many pornography forums allow you to post locked links, and links to videos, photos, passwords, etc. However for those that do not, all you have to do is put these links in your signature. Each time you reply or make a new post, your signature will be on display. Make the links attractive by saying things like “Free Pamela Anderson Nude Video – Click here!”, or “My library of over 1,000 adult passwords – download now!”. Then just make normal brief posts on these forums and your signature will get plenty of views. You can also use to post these images. Just post a single image in one of the adult sections of the site ( , or , then let your readers know that they can download the entire photo library or photo set at your locked URL. You will be surprised how many people click the link and take the brief survey.
13) Free Digital Comic Method – Ok, I’m not a fan of comics. Never have been, never will be. They just don’t interest me. However, I have used this method alone to make close to $300 per week using The first step is finding free online comics. You can search google, and you should get plenty of results. However my favorite resource is You can download just about anything. After downloading these, you have several options. First you want to lock the URL to the download link, using Then you can either create a website (WordPress or Blogger blog), and a brief entry for each new comic. You could write a brief review of it, and then provide the “Download this Comic Book Now” link (Your locked URL).

Too lazy to build your own website? There is another method. Find comic book related forums, and post your locked URL there. One of the best forums (at least it’s kind of like a forum) for this is (more specifically the comic book section at:
http:// b o a r d s . 4 c h a n . o r g / c o / ) . Make a new post, and post an image of the front cover of the comic book. Then beside it, post your download link (locked URL). You should also post a small description of the book, so that it garners some interest. If you can get some friends to comment on it, that will help even more!
14) Roms and Emulator Method – Many users swear by this method. It is quite simple to utilize and can really earn you a ton of money. This method however, can be a bit more time consuming, in that it works best when you have the ability to create your own website. To start off, you will want to search for Nintendo DS roms and emulators in Google. This can be done with any roms or emulators (NES, Sega Genesis, PS3, Xbox, etc). Then download as many of these as you can. is a good place to find roms and emulators. You will then upload these roms to your site, a free upload site, or simply use the download URL that you got them from. You will then lock these URLs using

After doing this, create a nice looking website, and provide details for the games you are allowing people to download. The download link should be directing to the locked URL. Make sure to keep your site updated, by frequently adding new roms on a daily/ weekly basis. Add your site to rom and emulator directories, and post links to it places. You can also submit your site to search engines, as well as social news sites like,, etc.
Be sure to put a disclaimer on your site stating that all roms downloaded need to be deleted within 24 hours unless the legal copy is owned. Otherwise you could potentially get in legal trouble.
15) Your Own ‘Free Stuff’ Website – Running your own website has a lot of benefits. Firstly, your site will get indexed by search engines (more specifically, Google). I suggest making a website, so that you can make new blog entries whenever you feel like
it. These individual entries will get indexed by Google, thus you will have perpetual traffic. For example, you may wish to start a “Free Sports Streaming” website where you post new entries for current sporting events. You may give a brief preview of the event and then provide
a “Stream this event live” link. That link will be a locked url. You can also do this for free MP3s, Movies, Games, Passwords, or whatever else you can imagine. You could mix this method with other methods. Instead of posting links to your locked URL on forums,
social networking sites, Digg, Reddit, etc, why not create a new blog entry and post the URL to that entry on these sites? You will get repeat visitors, people tweeting your site, and many more benefits.

Note: If you are not yet a member of Bee4.bizSignup for a free account now.


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